/My entire career

09.2005 - 09.2009

Graduate administrative scientist

International Politics and European Administration

Studied at the University of Potsdam with a degree of a graduate in administrative science (public administration). The focus of study was international politics (mainly Russia) and European administration

Since 07.2018

Germany-Russia blockchain Bridge

Drafting the idea and founding

Development of the concept and conducting exploratory talks with the aim of founding an association under the name "Germany-Russia Blockchain Bridge".

Data Center in Iceland

Visit to Iceland for first negotiations

Iceland is known as Data Center paradise and offers very good conditions for the construction of a large mining center. A comprehensive consultation and meeting with all major players to realize a project.

12.2017- 06.2018

Project Data Center // ECOmine

Development and preparation of the concept

Development of a concept for a large data center with a computing power of 100,000 THs for calculation of Bitcoins, Etherium, ZCash and other crypto currencies.

Mining Farm Prototyp

Construction of a prototype for mining operations

Analysis and construction of a small prototype for the calculation of cryptocurrencies with a computing power of 1000 MHs. Investigation of scalability and resilience.

12.2017 - 02.2018

The future of the blockchain

A basic investigation on blockchain

Investigation of how blockchain technologies such as cryptocurrencies can mediate our social world. Emerging blockchain-based decentralised applications have the potential to transform our financial system, our bureaucracies and models of governance.

Independent advisor

IT, e-commerce, IoT, Blockchain

For several years an independent consultant in the fields of modern technology, databases, e-commerce, web development and since last year active in blockchain and mining.

from 11.2009

C3 Crypto Conference

Blockchain, tax, law, networking

C3 brought together leading crypto experts, investors, and interested parties to learn about the latest innovations.

MeetUp Blockchain & ICO

Blockchain, ICO, Cryptos

MeetUp in Berlin. An event on Blockchain and ICO. An international event with lawyers, developers, entrepreneurs and investors.


Investors Day Berlin

First Investor Day in Berlin: Law & Trading

Investors Day Cryptocurrencies in Berlin. An event on tax, law and trading. Accompanying an exhibition with various ICOs and Hardwallets manufacturers.


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